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Slow Internet?

by Matthew with 0 Comments in July 20, 2015

Technology advances Y’all — I was coming back from visiting Dirt Farmer Bob in Northern California and stopped for a night to visit with a dear long-time friend for a wonderful evening of wine, fresh pesto and amazing homemade “street” tacos.  As we were enjoying a great evening of catching up I noticed that they had several WiFi repeaters (band-aids) in various locations of the house.  WiFi repeaters are a good source to boost signal strength to an area or a device, but will never increase actual incoming speeds.  As we enjoyed another glass of wine we tested their connection using...

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Updating your Apple Devices

by Matthew with 0 Comments in June 26, 2015

For all of you who hesitate to update… Your mobile device will have a red number on the settings icon when there is an iOS (Operating System) update. Before you update the iOS you want to make sure that your mobile device is backed up either in iCloud or on your computer.  With system updates it will be necessary to ensure that there is enough room on your device for the update.  You will be prompted if there isn’t enough room.  When this happens there are several easy ways to open up space on your device.     Transfer photos...

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