Apple Products

All services are provided on site or with your permission we remotely access your computer, saving you time and money.


David Jackson


“I needed my MacBook Pro updated to a new operating system and a new computer to run my home studio.  Matthew at QuaveTech provided a full service, finding me a Mac for a great deal and completely setting up all my devices to run smoothly even when I’m on the road.”

Jonathan Kennedy

East Texas Land

When I had to upgrade my existing Mac Pro for video editing pro-media applications QuaveTech found me the upgraded computer I needed for the best price.  The remote service was very helpful to get me back up and running in no time. Thanks QuaveTech!

Modern Day Saints Church

Modern Day Saints Church

Matthew Quave has assisted with several of our members and their Apple Products. Not only did QuaveTech purchase and customize computers, but Matt Quave took  the time to help us transfer all our data and taught us how to be more efficient with our devices.


Rahul Arcadia


“I rely on my computer functioning correctly to make my living as a photographer.  When my battery kept acting up and the Apple Store wouldn’t fix it – QuaveTech found the replacement battery and swapped it out when no one else would help me.  I was back up and running promptly!  Thanks QuaveTech”

Apple Services

  • Sync Devices
  • Streamline Updating
  • Tutorials
Laptop Computer
  • New Purchase
  • Custom set-up
  • Trouble-shoot
Desktop Computer
  • Custom purchase
  • Increase speed/efficiency
  • Back-up assistance