Slow Internet?

Slow Internet?

by Matthew with 0 Comments in July 20, 2015 In Category: Tech
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Technology advances Y’all —

I was coming back from visiting Dirt Farmer Bob in Northern California and stopped for a night to visit with a dear long-time friend for a wonderful evening of wine, fresh pesto and amazing homemade “street” tacos.  As we were enjoying a great evening of catching up I noticed that they had several WiFi repeaters (band-aids) in various locations of the house.  WiFi repeaters are a good source to boost signal strength to an area or a device, but will never increase actual incoming speeds.  As we enjoyed another glass of wine we tested their connection using and found an incoming signal of only 3Mbps.  Time to upgrade!!  They were still on DSL, their ISP did not offer faster speeds in their area.  The answer – Cable Internet with 25 times a greater average speed of what they currently had at a lower cost.

Remember – your chain is only as strong as your weakest link.

Is your internet slow?  Are you frustrated by the amount of buffering when movies are being streamed?  Are you trying to use your internet connection for work and play at the same time?

Follow these steps to ensure the best internet life possible:

1.  Check your incoming speed from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) using or your speeds may appear on your bill.

2.  Many internet service providers offer upgrade options and new high speed service options for the same or less than what you are currently paying.

3.  For optimal speed, run wired connections when possible.

4.  For the best internet performance with your wireless devices, locate your modem/router to the most centralized spot in the house.

Happy downloading!