Updating your Apple Devices

Updating your Apple Devices

by Matthew with 0 Comments in June 26, 2015 In Category: Apple Products | Tech
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For all of you who hesitate to update…

Update-BadgeYour mobile device will have a red number on the settings icon when there is an iOS (Operating System) update. Before you update the iOS you want to make sure that your mobile device is backed up either in iCloud or on your computer.  With system updates it will be necessary to ensure that there is enough room on your device for the update.  You will be prompted if there isn’t enough room.  When this happens there are several easy ways to open up space on your device.



  • Transfer photos or videos to your computer or to iCloud
  • Delete older attachments from emails or messages
  • Delete any extra media



App updates appear as little red numbers on your App store icon.  App developers work hard to maintain the efficient running of their programs and the updates are critical for the programs to run smoothly and securely.  Don’t hesitate to keep these up to date when notified. If you have any questions about updates contact us.