Website Launch

by Matthew with 5 Comments in July 5, 2015

Happy Birthday Matthew! No better birthday gift than to launch your own website. Mel and I have spent the last month designing, constructing and programming the QuaveTech website. We could not have done it without our incredibly talented and intelligent nephew, Trenton Kennedy. We shed some tears, pulled our hair out more than once, learned an amazing amount of information and have a whole new respect for website developers! Please check back often for Tech Tips, Like us on Facebook and let us know how we can improve your Tech life! Blessings, Matt and Mel

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Updating your Apple Devices

by Matthew with 0 Comments in June 26, 2015

For all of you who hesitate to update… Your mobile device will have a red number on the settings icon when there is an iOS (Operating System) update. Before you update the iOS you want to make sure that your mobile device is backed up either in iCloud or on your computer.  With system updates it will be necessary to ensure that there is enough room on your device for the update.  You will be prompted if there isn’t enough room.  When this happens there are several easy ways to open up space on your device.     Transfer photos...

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New Orleans Born and Bred

by Matthew with 0 Comments in June 8, 2015

  I look forward to every time I get to sit with my Dad and play some “real” music.  This time the trip is about visiting family – but there will be music every day.  From the street performers when I get off the plane to the gig with Vintage Jazz (My dad’s group) and then of course there is recording the jam sessions at the home studio.

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